Iqrar ul Hassan attacked in Lahore

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iqrar ul hassan

Iqrar ul hassan famous television presenter. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan, twins on May 29. Fulfilled in Asia Superior Selinsgrove.

Born in 1984 in Lahore, Iqra-ul Hassan was a TV host and journalist. In the day of the famous was the Name e Ser which indicates one who remains real by nature. It was for some time ARY news that Iqra-ul-Hassan SYED had filled it with ARY news from them. The IGRA discovers a set of ‘deep healing physicians,’ the character of the pure individual is taught. Who is an opponent, not just to show the actual picture of the face of many challenges and distort the natural condition of man?

Iqrar ul hassan’s Career

He joined the newscaster ARY for the first time and later became an editor. Whoever started showing in e-Ser-aam when I began to oppose the whole of the land is deemed to be in fierce rage and loss of his house. He is the project leader on the Zer-e-aam price, which replaces the staff in white, with a remarkable and unparalleled torque of the Yoke bands. As bogus institutions and sand areas are revealed to various others.

In the middle of the 2006s Iqrar ul Hassan entered the funniest thing as a person. A news summary for the ARY Nachrichten started the profession. For a long time, he has reported on ARY News. It is well known that the key target is on Discovery Thug, and Gater iqrar Hassan, along with his squad, who discovered that it is supernatural and they have incredible strength for lancing the popular “Ser-e-Aam” mark of ARY News. Many fakes before the bad guys, and other things

Year marriage, according to a message from the leader iqrar ul Hassan has gone viral. And it came to is deduced from the complaint of iqrar quickly unto the congregation, that I may be able to pairs of iqrar make his own happiness to himself and to the unity of the world, in general, he shows how his own, and his two wives David delivered. I see the word concerning what had been told Igra Farah ever been married for five years and two wives. He said he bought a house near the two women and was it traveled to Pakistan or abroad. It must also be noted, that the iqrar, and when he noticed that on this point: he met his wife go out for a dinner or a supper, had recently appeared and hung in suspense in the digital talk show with the iqrar. Shaista FIG GupShup and that he asked about the balance of family life to him. Again, thanking him for bringing a perfectly balanced life iqrar Lord said, “I am not my husband, because I do not consider that this is a life term. ‘ “I am very thankful. It is not enough for the right to life. 1 have a good life. Trust me, there is, in general, it is my wife, children, parents who are worried about how it looks,” he added. out of the aam, Caesar.
Power to take away the wife of his first wife iqrar to have said, it is more convenient, and that he hath given all things to him, the power of the life under certain circumstances, and does not relax.

Unknown Attackers Attack by Journalist Iqrar ul Hassan

Unidentified attackers in Lahore’s DHA district have reportedly assaulted journalist Iqrar ul Hassan Syed. The perpetrators escaped later, shooting weapons. In the assault, he was wounded.
Lahore Police Officer of Capital City Umar Sheik (CCPO) notifies the attack and ordered the attackers to be promptly arrested.
When the news became public, several people came onto the social media to give Iqrar ul Hassan wishes and prayers.

Pakistan. In this popular Sar-e-Aam show, Iqrar Ul Hassan was noteworthy for exposing criminals. Iqrar Ul Hassan and his full Sar-e-Aam team were arrested on 29 April 2016 on the orders of the Minister for Home Affairs in Sindh for highlighting the poor safety in the Sindh Residence. Just a day after Iqrar Ul Hassan got bail. For several years Iqrar Ul Hassan has been reporting for ARY News. In the whole of Pakistan and worldwide, Iqrar Ul Hassan leads an immense fan. The social profiles which are listed below are followed by millions of people. If you are still an Iqrar Ul Hassan follower so now subscribe to these profiles.
Hereunder in this article, we’ll be sharing the response of all the folk inquiries about him such as how Iqrar Ul Hassan should be contacted, what is the Iqrar Ul Hassan telephone number, what is Iqrar Ul Hassan’s bureau address, what is Iqrar Ul Hassan’s WhatsApp number, Iqrar Ul Hassan’s contact information, etc.

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