Justice for johnny Depp

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Justice can be defined from the history of Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp [ˈd͡ʒɑni dɛp] 1 is an American actor, director, guitarist, singer, screenwriter, and film producer, born June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky.


He became famous in the 1980s with his role in the television series 21 Jump Street offered to him by famous producer Stephen J. Cannell and in The Claws of the Night. He then devoted himself mainly to the interpretation of original and eccentric characters such as Edward in Edward in the Silver Hands, Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, and Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows. He also played real characters like Ed Wood in the movie of the same name, Joseph and John Dillinger in Public Enemies.


John Christopher Depp II was born on June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, to Betty Sue Palmer, waitress, and John Christopher Sr., engineer. He has a half-brother: Daniel, who is a writer, and two sisters: Debbie, and Christie who is also his personal manager3. Johnny Depp has German, French, and Irish origins. He also claims to have Cherokee origins although this is not recognized by any official Cherokee nation4,5. In the book Johnny Depp: A Kind of Illusion6, its author Denis Meikle declares that the Depp family is linked to the French Huguenot Pierre Deppe, or Dieppe, who had settled in Virginia around the 1700s. The actor however declares that he does not know the origin of his name, but specifies that he knows its meaning: “idiot” in German (it is indeed a minor insult which means “idiot” or “idiot”).

Young Johnny’s family often moves because of his father’s profession. In 1970, she moved to Miramar, Florida, an environment that the young boy quickly came to hate. He started smoking and drinking at age 12, self-injuring, skipping school often, and petty theft. He nevertheless discovered a love for music very early on, and as a teenager, he spent hours in his bedroom playing the guitar. His parents divorced when he was fifteen and this separation created a wedge between Johnny and his father2.

Justice For Johnny Depp

Judge Andrew Nicol’s ruling is a blow to the reputation of the silver-handed actor Edward and “Pirate of the Caribbean who plans to appeal the judgment dismissing his charges, his lawyers said Monday.

After 35 years of career, Depp had taken big risks by attacking News Group Newspapers (NGN), the publishing company of the daily newspaper which had called it “a matter of women “.

” The lawyers said in a statement, adding, “The judgment is so flawed that it would be ludicrous if Mr. Depp did not appeal this decision.”

The three-week trial in July at the High Court in London, often in the presence of the 57-year-old comedian and his ex-wife Amber Heard (and their respective fans)

After having details, Judge Nicol found in his judgment that the Sun’s qualifications were “substantially true”.

“Victims of domestic violence should never have to be silent,” responded a Sun spokesperson, thanking the judge and actress “for her courage in testifying in court.”

“This judgment is not a surprise”, reacted the lawyers of the actress of 34 years, who had the status of the witness at the trial,

“Painful” trial

The couple had divorced in early 2017. The Girl and Aquaman actress spoke of “years” of “physical and psychological” violence, accusations strongly rejected by Johnny Depp.

David Sherborne had asked the judge to “wash the name” of Johnny Depp of these “scandalous accusations” and “false” which led him to initiate this “painful” trial.

Her lawyer has methodically pointed out flaws and changes in Amber Heard’s statements, to discredit the whole story of what he called a “compulsive liar.”

Amber Heard has meanwhile maintained her statements and lamented that the “most traumatic and intimate details” of her life with Johnny Depp were exposed in court and “broadcast around the world”.

“I loved him and I didn’t want to lose that (…), his other face was that of a monster, but I always kept the hope that he would detoxify himself”, declared during the trial. ‘actress.

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