The Evil Owner Killed Thousands Of People

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The wall leakage got into contact with wires. It caught fire. The mart was on fire. The fire spread rapidly. The garments section was immediately on fire. People started running for help. They left their shoppers, shopping carts, and any other essential thing they. All they wanted to save was their life. People picked up their infants. They started running towards the exit. The fire had already covered 3 sections of the part. There was a huge sound of a cry.

evil owner

As they reached the exit of the mart, it was locked. They pushed the door but failed. Soon an announcement was made that they need clear their bills. People rushed towards counters. The fire had almost covered the whole mart. The fire was on 360-degrees. People searched for their carts. Of course, they couldn’t find it. Of course, how could people find their carts in such a commotion situation? The People threw their credit cards, debit cards, and cash on the counter and pleaded to let them go. But the wicked owner made sure that none of them could step out until payments were cleared.

Everyone’s Life Matters

The fire kept growing higher. People couldn’t breathe. They started to die of suffocation. It was all black due to smoke. Someone outside the mart called fire brigade for help.

Evil Owner

In the meantime, helpless people grabbed any random trolley they could find and dashed to the cash counter. The operators were perplexed. They were shivering because of that evil owner. Their boss was continuously announcing that he won’t let people step out unless bills are cleared. There was a huge crowd gathered at the exit and emergency exit. But none of them worked.

Till now, the whole mart was on fire, including the roof. People screamed for help. But nothing worked. Soon the fire brigade arrived. At the same moment, the roof of the mart fell. Everyone died. No one could save their life. The incident killed thousands of people because of that evil owner.

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