We Took Corona Lightly Until We Lost A Friend

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I and my friends took the lethal disease; i.e. corona very lightly till 14th May 2020. Our long lost friend, Zaheer had arrived on 8th May. We planned a welcome party for him. Many people around us tried to oppose the idea, but we being stubborn decided to continue with the plan. Our recently arrived friend resisted. He felt like having a not-so-serious headache, dizziness, and tiredness. But we managed to convince him.
We met at a friend’s house. She offered a small portion of her house. We were almost 12 people. We sat together, had dinner together, and then enjoyed a dance party. It was all fun, we made great memories, took pictures, and whatnot. It was all great until we all started feeling tiredness, fever, and basic cough, after 4 days. Zaheer had already sensed himself that he is COVID positive. He got himself tested and guess what? He was tested positive. His symptoms were real.

This is why You Shouldn’t take Corona Lightly

As we saw his story on Instagram, we all were chill until we all started feeling the same symptoms, a few days later. Dryness in throat, cough, fever, and dizziness were the mutual symptoms we all were going through. Two of our friends had some severer symptoms like trouble in breathing and chest pain. They also got themselves checked, and yes, they were resulted positive too.

When we got to know, we all freaked out and get ourselves checked and turned out to be COVID positive. This was the moment we regretted the decision to get together. We accepted that this disease is real. We all were advised by doctors to observe self-isolation. However, the other two friends who were suffering from chest pain and breathing issue were admitted to the hospital. Special care was taken for them. Till 14th May, we all were fighting to survive. We all were corona positive, unfortunately.

One of our friends lost the battle against the disease. Now, imagine, losing your life just for the sake of a get-together? Sounds weird, right? We loosed our friend for the sake of a party.

We advise all to stay at home to stay safe. There are many people out there who are not taking this disease seriously. Remember, the party can wait, but once you lose your life, it can’t be undone.

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