3 Most Unique Cinemas in The World

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unique cinemas

If you are a movie lover and love to spend extra bucks for the movie, then this blog is for you. Today we’ll help you in exploring the 3 most unique cinemas in the world. Some are known for their ambiance, some are known for their rules and some are known for their events. Continue reading to know more.

Hot Tub Cinema, UK, USA, Ibiza

Who doesn’t love hot tub along with movies and beer glass in their hand? Well, the cinema is offering all these three facilities at once. Hot tub cinema in the UK encourages the guest to either book a whole tub for themselves or make new friends by sharing the tub. The cinema is not just about the movie, it’s about chilling while lying in the hot tub with friends. 

Secret Cinema, Unknown

Secret Cinema is a place that is located at a secret location, with a secret audience and a separate entity probably. This is because nobody knows the exact location of the cinema. It encourages the movie comers to dress up like the film characters or the era of that time.

You need to make reservations in advance to get a secret email to get details of the next movie. Isn’t it amazing?

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Austin, TX

unique cinemas

They promote disturb-free movie time. Under this, the two owners make sure that no one is using cell phones during the hours, no ads during the movie, and no accompanied children. Not only this but once in a year, they host an event when everyone has to dress up as movie characters. Another important part is that during their events people are only allowed to eat when characters in the movie are eating. Seems interesting Unique Cinemas right?

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