4 Most Weird Places Around The World

Weird Places Around The World
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Weird Places Around The World

The world is full of unique, thrilling, and strange places that will leave you in shock for a moment. We bet you didn’t know about these places before this. Continue reading to know 4 most weird places around the world.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The place is known for its strange yet interesting characteristic. The beautiful place is filled with water throughout the year, but in summers the water evaporates, leaving tiny pools of minerals behind. The fascinating part is that every mineral pool is different in color to each other.

Thor’s Well, Oregon, USA

The water rushes to flowing stream into the hole. The view is beautiful until the water gushes out of the hole with full force. This can be dangerous at times. Scientists and researches couldn’t find out the exact reason for the happening. However, it is said that it was formed after a sea cave collapsed.

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Weird Places Around The World

You may call it Pink River because the lake has been noticed pink in color throughout the year. This place was explored in 1802. The researcher says that the change in color is perhaps seen due to high salinity that gets mixed with salt-loving bacteria known as Dunaliella salina and halobacteria.

The Hand in the Desert, Chile

Weird Places Around The World

 A huge piece of art popping out of the barren land, signifying loneliness of the place for people living there is known as The Hand in the Desert in Chile. However, The hand rising out of the land can be seen in the middle of Chile’s Atacama desert, 46 miles south of the city of Antofagasta.

All the above places are Weird Places Around The World!

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