List of 7 Weirdest Foods Around The Globe

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You might have visited or at least read about unusual places in the world. Today we’ll share a list of weirdest foods, that being commonly eaten around the globe.

Japan  – Tuna Eyes

We usually waste Tuna’s eyes, but for Japanese, it is served as food. It sold in their markets at very cheap rates. However, The plucked out eyes can be steamed, boiled, and add garlic to enhance the taste. They taste like squid.

Cambodia – Crispy Tarantulas

Crispy Tarantulas, known as spiders in easy language were served as a snack at Khmer Rouge by Cambodians. Latter they gained popularity and were served after deep frying them. They taste like crab.

Laos – White ant eggs soup

This soup is a mixture of aunt eggs and white aunt embryos. Few baby aunts are added to enhance the taste and pump up the sourness of the soup. However, The flavor of the soup is like a shrimp. It’s a little difficult for the tummy to handle.

Korea – Boshintang

This Korean soup is made up of dog meat. It is an old school dish but the latter gained popularity. However, it is now vanishing from the restaurants. But people from ancient times would still prefer it over anything else.

Scotland –Haggis

weirdest foods

This dish is made up of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. These all parts of sheep are minced, mixed with onions and other veggies. Cooked and seasoned with some basic spices. Moreover, The specialty of this dish is to cook it in an animal’s stomach.

China –100 Year Old Egg

Of course, 100 years would be exaggerating. But for this recipe, the egg is kept underclay, ash, and quicklime for a few months. Moreover, The egg yolk becomes green or even black sometimes. The white part of the egg becomes brown. However, The egg is known to be rotten but the Chinese enjoy the meal.

weirdest foods

Thailand –Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers seasoned with salt, chili, and pepper powder is deep-fried and served to the eaters. It is the most demanded dish in the eatery.

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