The similarity between life and flight

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Suppose you are traveling to a country. You get seated with a very talkative person. He is trying to initiate a conversation. You being stubborn and the reserve doesn’t want to talk. You get irritated and the journey becomes very annoying for you


Now let’s say if you were traveling and you get seated with the talkative person. What if you have communicated? You might have given a chance? The person was not going to stay with you forever. Moreover, If you could have accepted him and had a random exchange of dialogues, you might have enjoyed your trip. You might have learned something new. But no, you decided to stay silent and kept on denouncing the second party.

Life is Not A Joke

This is what life is. However, Life means experiences. You might have heard “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it”. If you face any problem, encounter it and fight against it. However, Every new problem will give a new lesson for you. Like, the talkative person you ignored, he might have some opportunities for you. He might have been beneficial for you. But you being afraid of new experiences, decided not to have a conversation.

Never be afraid of problems. Problems make you stronger. You explore new things. See the hidden faces of people. Get to know what you are good at.
Secondly, traveling or a journey is for a few hours or a few days. Right? This is exactly how we have people. In every phase of your life, you’ll meet new people. Like in every flight you’d probably meet new people. However, In your life, you’ll find some people who’d stick to you for a particular span and latter leave. This is exactly what happens on a flight. This is how life goes on.

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