US Election 2020

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US election is coming to an end in the United States, where the long streak of vote counting is underway, with uncertainties over postal voting, especially in Pennsylvania. Many states have already delivered their verdicts and a scenario both similar to that of 2016 and totally uncertain is emerging. Joe Biden arguably succeeded in conquering Arizona, an important take after several failures in key states, Republican strongholds considered accessible to Democrats. Florida, Ohio, and Texas remain Republicans, Pennsylvania and Georgia seem for the moment to be more in favor of Donald Trump. But nothing is over yet, the suspense could last.

us elections

Donald Trump spoke live from the White House shortly before 8:30 a.m. KST. he explained, then assured the outgoing president before multiplying the tackles and evoking “a fraud against the nation “:” We don’t want them to find bulletins at 4 am “. The Republican candidate raised the possibility of going to the Supreme Court. We want the law to be properly enforced. We are going to win and, from what I think, we have already won.”

Joe Biden had beaten him shortly before 7 a.m. French time this morning. Saying confident in the outcome of the ballot, he felt he was still in the race in Georgia and even said: “We are going to win Pennsylvania”. Donald Trump immediately replied on Twitter: “We are great, but they are trying to steal the election from us. We will never let them.” Following Donald Trump’s speech, Joe Biden’s campaign team reacted with comments echoed by CNN, citing “outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect remarks”.

The results of the American elections are revealed, in each state, in the form of partial results and projections made by the American media. These allow, initially, to draw up in a reliable way the list of the electors who will be attributed to each of the two candidates. It takes 270 voters to be elected President of the United States. Regarding the result in terms of votes cast, it will undoubtedly be consolidated much later this Wednesday.

Donald Trump already has 213 major voters.

He won the following states: Florida, Texas Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Dakota North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Missouri, Ohio, Montana, Idaho, Iowa.

Joe Biden already has 238 voters.

He won the following states: Vermont, Virginia, Delaware, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Washington State, Oregon, and a majority of Maine (State where a winner does not necessarily win all the major voters).
Discover the results of these American elections in real-time thanks to the graph and the map below. Be careful to monitor the percentage of votes counted on the card for the partial results.


– “We have teams of lawyers” also explains Joe Biden’s campaign manager
If the president (Donald Trump Editor’s note) follows through on his threat to take legal action to try to prevent a normal count of the votes, we have teams of lawyers ready to mobilize to resist this effort. “

10:13 AM

– Biden’s campaign team denounces “scandalous” comments
Faced with Donald Trump’s speech, Joe Biden’s campaign team through Jen O’Malley Dillon reacted harshly to the outgoing president’s comments.

10:04 – Update on US election results

It is 10 am at home in France while the United States is plunged into the night, the opportunity for us to take stock of the results. For the time being, no candidate has been officially elected even if Donald Trump in an offensive speech proclaimed his victory by threatening to appeal already through the Supreme Court. If the outgoing president won Texas, Florida, or even Ohio, Joe Biden succeeded in tipping Arizona on his side and the election will probably be played in 3 Swing States, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. If we focus on the projections of ABC in particular, Donald Trump is currently in the lead in these states but the count could take several days, as, for example, on the side of Philadelphia.

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