4 Weird traditions around the world

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weird traditions

Every religion, country, tribe has a different mindset and follows a different culture. Everyone’s perspective is respected for of course reasons but few cultures are just Weird traditions and out of the world. However, You’ll be shocked yet amazed to learn about these.

Coupe-To-Be Cleans The Mess

In Germany, the couple has a pre-wedding ceremony with their friends and family. The surprising part is that there friends and families come to break the dishes. It is done to promote ‘working together in difficult times.’ The idea is amazing but the way of doing is…

Throw Babies Off 50-feet

In India, the newborn babies are thrown off the 50-feet high SiriSanteswar temple. The baby is caught by the family in a piece of cloth. This is a 500-year-old tradition. Moreover, Couples that get blessed after taking a pledge have to follow this tradition. They believe it will bring good luck to the newborn.

Dancing For The Dead

weird traditions

Malagasy tribe in Madagascar follows a tradition to dance around the dead body. It is known as a Famadihana tradition. Then the body is re-wrapped in a fresh piece of cloth when it reaches the graveyard or burial place. However, the custom has now faced a decline but still followed by a few people.

Don’t Ask For Salt

At Egypt, you can’t ask for extra salt if you feel that the cuisine is less salty. Moreover, Egyptians take it as their insult. You just can look at the saltshaker or express your need for salt.

Yes, we were speechless too after knowing about these Weird traditions!

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