Karachi over growing number of lumpy skin diseases in cattle is now spreading all over Pakistan

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what is this Lumpy skin diseases in Cattles?

Karachi over growing number of lumpy skin diseases in cattle is now spreading all over Pakistan

In Karachi, more than 20000 cattle are affected by the lumpy disease. This viral Lumpy skin disease which is known as (LSD) has affected a large number of animals at several cattle farms in Karachi and in the interior areas of Sindh. Nawabshah is also affected by the disease.

According to official reports, an important meeting was held, presided over by Chief Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah, and attended by the secretary and director-general of the livestock department, among others.
According to the department, the Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is spread via spit and through insects.

According to experts, because the disease is new to the region, there is no known vaccine that can be used to combat it. Animals affected by the disease have been relocated to cow farms near the highway and the Bhens colony.

The Sindh government’s livestock and animal husbandry department has announced the closure of cattle markets, as well as a warning against consuming affected animals’ meat and milk.

To avoid animals from catching LSD, the livestock department also encouraged cow owners to separate sick animals from healthy ones and to use an anti-mosquito spray on a regular basis.

The audience was also informed that 54 animals had perished in the province as a result of the viral sickness, while 4,751 had recovered.

It was revealed that this ailment has been present in several nations throughout the world since 2012 and that it first arrived in India, Iran, and now Pakistan this year.

The chief secretary decided to start a vaccination campaign in the afflicted areas and directed the livestock department to vaccinate the diseased animals.

To get them vaccinated contact the Animals and birds care center. They are specialists in vaccination and animals treatments.

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