Imran Khan announced to hold jalsa on Wednesday 13 april

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Imran Khan demanded  the immediate elections in Pakistan to elect the Prime Minister and jalsa to behold soon:

Imran Khan stated on Monday (April 11) that he will hold a ‘Jalsa’ (event) on Wednesday (April 13). He also requested that the Prime Minister of Pakistan be elected immediately.

After Isha, I will hold my first jalsa in Peshawar on Wednesday – my first jalsa since being ousted in a foreign-instigated regime change. “I want all of our people to come because Pakistan was founded as an independent, sovereign state, not as a puppet state of foreign powers,” Imran Khan said on Twitter.

“Established as a sovereign and independent state.” “We are calling for early elections because the only way forward is for the people to determine who they want to elect as Prime Minister through free and fair elections,” Khan stated in another tweet.

Protests around the country in response to Imran Khan’s ouster


The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) held protests around the country on Sunday to protest the removal of former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan by a successful motion of no-confidence the night before.
Including Netizens and Celebrities, everyone was protesting and was supporting Imran Khan.

The protest did not only take place in Pakistan, overseas Pakistanis were also protesting in support of Imran Khan.
Check this dawn news blog for more details about the Protest Held on Sunday.
The way people are supporting Imran Khan nobody can stop him from coming back and this time he will come back stronger. Also, don’t forget to check my previous blog.

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