the 32-year-old Mohammad Ikram with no arms leans over a snooker table is known as Pakistan treasure

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The 32-Year-Old Mohammad Ikram With No Arms Leans Over A Snooker Table

32-Year-Old Made his Dream Work with Unique Style:

32-year-old Mohammad Ikram has figured out a way to pot snooker balls instead of using a cue stick.

He was born with no arms, he lives in the rural dusty area of the northeast of Pakistan in Punjab province. When Ikram was a 10-year-old, he recalls seeing other kids playing on dusty pool tables outside his house. He’d always hoped he could play the game himself, but he couldn’t figure out how. At that point “I used to wish I had arms so I could play the game as well,” Ikram told The Associated Press.

He eventually developed his own style and headed to a local club in search of a game.
He won more than 3 local tournaments and has made his place himself with his skills and talent, today he is counted as one of the most popular players of Pakistan and soon he’ll be known for his skills in the entire globe.

The process begins with one major component missing: The Cue Stick.

“People in the club didn’t believe I could play with my chin.” “However, once I started doing it, they gradually began to admire my abilities,”

Mohammad Nadeem, the owner of Samundri’s Cue Club, recalled Ikram approaching him about 10 or 12 years ago with a request to play snooker. “I told him, ‘No, you cannot do this,'” According to Nadeem. It’s a good thing Ikram didn’t take no for an answer.

“When he first hit the ball with his chin, it simply amazed me because it was as good as any other snooker player could have hit it with a cue,” Nadeem said.

So Ikram began making the daily 12-kilometer (7 1/2-mile) trip to the club to play on the seven snooker tables.

Being born with a disability didn’t stop him from mastering snooker

Ikram’s Fame Grew Throughout Pakistan:

Mohammad Ikram has won at least three local competitions, and his popularity in his community is growing rapidly. It was taken up by the media, and Ikram’s fame spread across Pakistan.
Mohammad Ikram, who has two younger brothers and five younger sisters, is very dear to his mother.

“I don’t go out and watch him play,” Razia Bibi, Ikram’s mother, said. “But his father has seen him play and we are delighted for him.” “We used to joke that if he had had arms, he would have been overjoyed.” But now that he’s performing, the entire world will be thrilled.”

Ikram said he intended to take his snooker abilities abroad and was hoping for help from the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan, a former cricketer who captained Pakistan to World Cup success in 1992.
“I wish I could go outside and play in front of other people and bring Pakistan fame,” Ikram said as he rested his right knee on the table, flexed his neck, and struck the cue ball with his chin once more, this time potting a red ball in the long pocket.

The 32-Year-Old Mohammad Ikram With No Arms Leans Over A Snooker Table

Mohammad Ikram has been and will continue to be an inspiration to many of us, especially to the snooker table fans and the people who are passionate about sports.

We should value and promote all types of people, regardless of who they are, because we all have talent and should never belittle anyone.

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