5 tips to get rid of toxic people

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eliminate toxic people from your life

We all are surrounded by toxic people in our life and to be honest they are good for nothing!
These people are the dangerous one, you can not live with them they will ruin your mental health, peace and bring negativity in your life.
But sometimes we are not even aware of them our life is turning into nightmares because of these people and we have no clue about it.

how to spot the toxic people?

5 tips to get rid of toxic people

You don’t have to go far to spot them sometimes these are the ones with whom you spend your day and think they are the one who will never betray you, but my friend you are wrong.
Most of the time these are the people who are the reason of your sadness they will pretend to be the most helpful person but behind it there is a evil person who just want to see you in trouble but they’ll help you and manipulate you as if they are the most trust worthy one.
So remove that blind fold from your eyes and get rid of them ASAP!

1. Make a note of how they make you feel

Simply becoming more aware of how someone’s toxic behaviour affects you can sometimes help you navigate interactions with them more effectively.

Most people say things they don’t mean when they are rude or hurtful. Nobody is ever at their best all of the time, and being in a bad mood can cause you to lash out. This isn’t always dangerous.
However, consider whether most of your interactions are characterized by put-downs, lies, or other forms of emotional and verbal abuse. Do they apologize or appear to be concerned about how what they say or do affects you?

2. It’s not your job to save them

Toxic people are excellent at showing up when they need something, especially during times of crisis in their own lives. “They’ll ask for your shoulder to cry on or your ear to lend. “They might disguise it as a desire for advice,” says Mackey. “These are all ploys for your time and attention. No matter what the circumstances are, don’t give in to them.”

If your friend’s situation is truly dire, you can refer him to resources that specialize in his specific issues. It is not only not your responsibility, but it is also likely beyond your capabilities to solve his problems.

3. put yourself first

Toxic behavior, on the other hand, does not have to be abusive or spiteful. Other behaviors can be equally harmful.
Maybe the person in question “desperately needs” your assistance to get out of a jam every time you see them. “You’re always giving and they’re always taking,” Sueskind says, “or you feel like their emotional stability depends on you.”
You may value your relationship with this person, but you do not offer assistance at the expense of your own well-being.

4. stop giving them importance

When you feel they are being toxic to you, cutting them off is the best option. However, you cannot do this immediately, so stop spending time with them and act as if you are busy and have more important things to do. This will not feel awkward, and you can gradually cut them off without them knowing.

5. set boundaries

Set boundaries and communicate these boundaries clearly and stick to them.
Setting boundaries involves deciding what you will and won’t tolerate.

In conclusion

Cutting people out of your life may appear to be the only way to escape their toxic behavior at times. However, this is not always possible.

If you must spend time with someone who engages in toxic behavior, remind yourself that their actions are neither your fault nor your responsibility. It’s critical that they understand what you’re not willing to put up with.

These are the five tips which you can follow if you want to cut off toxic people.
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