Majorie Kinnan Rawlings- Pulitzer Prize Winner

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Have you ever tried to figure out what makes today special? Because I am one of you,
I am 100 percent certain that you do not. Let’s get right to the point, shall
we? It’s been 125 years since Majorie Kinnan Rawlings was born on the 8th of
August, 1896. This is a soul that should be cherished. Majorie is a Pulitzer
Prize-winning American author who has had a passion for writing beautiful
novels. Known for her novel “The Yealing”, she has won numerous
literary awards. Let’s get to work quickly.

In 1933, South Moon Under was created.

The South Moon Under was published in 1933, and it was her first book (the year of
Majorie Kinnan’s divorce from Charles Rawlings).

A unique and beautiful novel about a phase of American life that has never been
described before. It shows simple, uncouth people living out an elemental
destiny with dignity and honour.

A number of short stories and novels followed, including:

Short stories By Majorie Kinnan

  • 1912 “The Reincarnation of Miss Hetty”
  • 1931 “Cracker Chidlins”
  • 1931 “Jacob’s Ladder”
  • 1931 “Plumb Care Conscience”
  • 1932 “A Crop of Beans”
  • 1932 “Gal Young Un” (Henry Award First Prize for
  • 1933 “Hyacinth Drift”
  • 1933 “Alligators”
  • 1933 “Benny and the Bird Dogs”
  • 1934 “The Pardon”
  • 1936 “A Mother in Mannville”
  • 1936 “Varmints”
  • 1938 “Mountain Rain”
  • 1939 “I Sing While I Cook” (nonfiction)
  • In 1939 “Cocks Must Crow”
  • 1940 “The Pelican’s Shadow”
  • 1940 “The Enemy”
  • 1941 “Jessamine Springs”
  • 1941 “The Provider”
  • 1942 “Fanny, You Fool!”
  • 1944 “Shell”
  • 1945 “Black Secret”
  • 1945 “Miriam’s Houses” (6-part series based on
    “A Mother in Mannville”)
  • 1940 “In The Heart”

Novels and story collections By Majorie Kinnan

  • 1928 Blood of My Blood
  • 1933 South Moon Under
  • 1935 Golden Apples
  • In 1938 The Yearling (adapted
    to film in 1946)
  • In 1940 the Whippoorwill
  • 1942 Cross Creek (adapted to film
    in 1983)
  • 1942 Cross Creek Cookery
  • The 1947 “Mountain Prelude” (adapted to film as The Sun
    Comes Up
    on 1950)
  • 1949 “The Friendship”
  • 1950 Jacob’s Ladder
  • 1953 The Sojourner
  • 1955 The Secret River

She won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel “The Yearling” out of all of her
works, which won her many admirers and the attention of the American public. In
a given year, there are thirteen. In April 1938, it was chosen as the Book of
the Month Club’s top pick. In 1938, it was the best-selling novel in the United
States, and in 1939, it was ranked seventh. It sold more than 250,000 copies in
1938, according to the book’s publisher.

The Yearling won the Pulitzer Prize in 1938. – Majorie Kinnan 

‘The Yearling’ is a touching, suspenseful, and realistic story about a young boy
torn between loving his pet and being a responsible member of his family. In
this novel, we follow the adventures and dangers of a playful and sensitive boy
for a year, as well as his feelings of loss and isolation.

The Yearling is the perfect example of a child’s love for a pet. This heartbreaking
story has been the subject of a film and even a musical. It is a fine work of
American literature.

I would suggest you guys to read the novel “The Yearling” a story of an
endless bond. The link is mentioned below:

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