the best freelance websites in 2022

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best freelance websites

Freelance websites have made earning so much easier people can earn just by sitting at home and they can also post jobs to get there work done.
These are few freelancing websites that I personally use.


the best freelance websites in 2022

Upwork, regardless of the type of freelancer you are, may be one of the best freelancing websites for finding work. Upwork has a lot to offer those who work in web development, graphic design, customer service, and even writing.
The seemingly never-ending stream of job postings is constantly updated. Many different types of businesses, from small to large corporations, are looking to hire bloggers, designers, and writers through Upwork.

When you first start using Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, there is a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to learn the art of writing effective proposals, and you may have to bid below your pay rate to increase your feedback rating. There are many jobs posted on Upwork for freelancer, but there is a hungry audience competing for them. Bidding on a project with 30 proposals is usually not worth it unless you’re an Upwork superstar.

Having said that, some freelance designers find a lot of work on Upwork and land project after project. Upwork is time-consuming, but it has the potential to pay off handsomely once you’ve established yourself on the freelancing platform.


Fiverr got its name from the fact that it initially facilitated quick gigs for $5 — but it’s grown quite a bit since then. You can now create your own starting prices, packages, and add-ons. To attract new clients, many savvy freelancers use lower sticker prices for small projects. It’s similar to giving them a low-cost sample in the hopes that they’ll hire you for larger projects.

It’s also worth noting that Fiverr integrates payments directly into the platform, so you won’t have to worry about invoicing your customers. While some freelancers dismiss Fiverr due to its humble beginnings, it’s a great freelancing website for beginners as well as anyone willing to offer a variety of rates for different work.

people per hour

PeoplePerHour markets itself as doing a better job of matching clients with designers than other freelancer websites. PeoplePerHour aims to bring freelancers and clients together in a more streamlined, precise manner by utilizing artificial intelligence.

Once the project scope is submitted by the client, the artificial intelligence system analyses the details and matches the project with qualified freelancers. These freelancers are invited to submit proposals with their own prices, and clients select from a curated list.


Freelancer encompasses a broad array of design jobs, from graphic and logo design to SEO and copywriting. Because of the wide range of specializations, Freelancer is one of the best freelancing sites to look for opportunities. You can even find freelance work in multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and others.
So, if you’re looking for flex jobs, remote work, or other freelance opportunities, Freelancer is a great place to start.
These are few of the freelancing platforms that I use if you’re also looking for one then you can choose from any of them mentioned above.
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