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Sport motivation

Sometimes motivation leaves us, and reconnecting with it can be complicated. For your future SPORTS AND FITNESS play your life in general, here are our top tips to convince her to stay with you rain or shine.

Set an interesting goal

If I had to speak to an athlete who is just starting out, I would say: don’t set a goal too ambitious, that would be the best way to get discouraged and give up the sport for good!
But if you are reading this text, then you are certainly a regular athlete. You have undoubtedly passed many stages from a sporting point of view.


Yet, you must continue to set goals! These will allow you to continue to evolve and always stay motivated!

You may have forgotten it and yet set a goal for your training in fitness running or any other discipline will keep you motivated.

Determine the number of abs to reach for each workout, organize a competition with your partner, or sign up for a more formal sporting event like a marathon.

Mentally establishing a course with a specific goal is ideal for boosting your motivation. Like, for example, a session with a different exercise before participating in an event. You can even represent this fitness route on a diagram, in this way, the route to be completed will become concrete.

How to set goals in sport?

When you practice physical activity, SPORTS, AND FITNESS, it is common to want to challenge yourself on a daily basis. In this article, let’s talk about the best ways to set a goal and get motivated in the sport that …

Change your habits

Doing the same repetitive exercises every workout may tire you out. Do not hesitate to modify (even slightly) your workout in order to break the routine.


You could for example:

  • Vary the weights during your weight training;
  • Use a machine you are not used to in the gym;
  • Opt for a different path for your running.
  • Incorporate a new type of exercise into your workout

A little novelty during your training will bring the dynamism you need. So, without realizing it, or almost, you will have practiced a new fitness session. You will understand that getting motivated in sport can sometimes be easier than it seems.

Play it collective

Who said that playing indoor sport has to be an individual activity? Don’t stay alone in your corner!


Encourage a friend, colleague, or family member to exercise with you. Another member registered at the gym will undoubtedly appreciate doing his training with you. Without becoming a fierce competitor, stimulate your sessions with challenges to meet in order to maintain your motivation. Also, if you are a couple, you can take the opportunity to play sports as a couple.

You will be able to motivate yourself together, exchange advice and tips to improve your training, and maybe even discover new exercises.

Quotes for top motivation!


When a routine sets in, finding the motivation to go to the gym can become really hard to find. If you don’t necessarily have one or more people with whom to motivate you in your physical activity, you can always draw inspiration from the older ones!
A good quote or a good proverb can sometimes re-boost you and even become your motto to get back in the saddle and land at the gym pumped up! It may seem light to you, but the older ones too were inspired by their idols to achieve their goals. Great sportsmen, politicians, actors, etc … there is no shortage of sources for inspiration.

Cult music and films to motivate yourself


We all have a music playlist or a cult movie that gives us that extra energy that motivates us to climb to the top.
Motivation and music go hand in hand when it comes to sport. The rhythmic music, with a fast tempo and a dynamic flow, will push the most reluctant to do one more set or to redouble their efforts to complete their set of exercises.
Regarding films, whether, for bodybuilding or cardio, there will necessarily be a film that will talk about it. Boxing movies are obviously the most common when it comes to sports motivation. Movies like Rocky or Alli are “must-watch” if you lose your motivation.

Apps that boost your training


Whether it is to record your running route, your fitness session, to obtain advice, or to motivate yourself to sport with music, there are many applications.

Easy to use, many are free and the rest usually have a trial version. These real virtual assistants will allow you to follow your progress, motivate you, and stay connected to your sporting goals.
Motivating yourself in sport is essential to achieve any goal. To find your goal, visualize it, believe in yourself, be consistent, and indulge yourself once in a while. If you meet all of these conditions, you will surely end up being successful in sports and in life in general.

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