Pakistan’s 7 years old Inaya dar won the gold medal at Abu Dhabi International Jujitsu

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Inaya Dar the gold medalist

Inaya Dar is a 7 years old kid who won the gold medal in the jujitsu competitions held in Abu Dhabi, She won the gold medal in the under-28 weight category.

According to ARY News, Pakistani 7-year-old Inaya Dar won a gold medal at the World Judo Challenge Championship in Abu Dhabi.
When the first match was held in Abu Dhabi Inaya dar played opposite Russia’s Latifa and defeated her in that match and in the second match Inaya Dar defeated Shamsa of UAE.
In addition, Inaya Dar holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s youngest MM fighter.

Inaya Dar is aiming to represent Pakistan Globally in mixed martial arts and horse riding.

Inaya has gained fame after winning the gold medal and is trending in Pakistan.
There are 100s of posts on social media tweets where people congratulated and celebrated her victory. It is a proud moment for all Pakistanis.
Inaya Dar has set examples for all the girls out there who are not allowed to play sport because according to our society only boys are allowed to play.

inaya dar

We all should allow our children both sons and daughters to take part in such activities this is how children grow and maybe they can also make you proud just like Inaya Dar did, your child’s victory is your victory too so be like the parents of Inaya Dar who allowed there daughter to do what she loves.
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