Top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2020

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WWE wrestlers

American wrestling is very popular. The best shows and the best wrestlers are affiliated with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). WWE wrestlers receive astronomical annual salaries, especially when they achieve superstar status. Here is the ranking of the highest-paid WWE wrestlers in 2019.

Like every year, Forbes Magazine ranks the highest paid rappers in the world.

At the top of this year’s ranking are internationally renowned rappers such as P Diddy and Jay Z.

WWE wrestlers

This recent publication also showed that Kendrick Lamar joined the ranks of the richest of the ranking thanks to the film Black Panther produced by HBO which had a dazzling success.

WWE wrestlers

Established in 1963, the WWE Supreme Title represents the ultimate reward for a professional wrestler. Since its creation, the belt has known a total of fifty different champions throughout its history. Today on Daily Wrestling, we’ll be compiling a list of the ten greatest WWE Champions in history. The latter will not be presented in the form of a top 10 as we all have very different criteria. Just know that the choices that follow will be based either on the number of reigns, on the reference matches or on the historical impact in this sport. Feel free to give your own list in the comments.

(10) Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose opens the top highest paid WWE wrestlers in 2019 with a salary of $ 2 million.

(9) Undertaker

The WWE Necromancer Undertaker receives $ 2.5 million annually.

(8) The Miz

The Miz also earns $ 2.5 million a year.

(7) Seth Rollins

It does better than the previous 3 with a payroll of $ 3 million.

(6) Triple H

Triple H has a salary of $ 2.5 million. Combined with his earnings as a WWE leader, he makes a total of $ 3.3 million.

(5) AJ Styles

AJ Styles, does not know what to do with his 3.5 million.

(4) Randy Orton

Randy Orton receives him $ 4.5 million.

(3) Roman Reigns

He came third on the podium with a salary of $ 5 million.

(2) John Cena

He can claim the title of WWE’s greatest superstar. So it’s no wonder he makes $ 8.5 million.

(1) Brock Lesnar, highest-paid wrestler in WWE of 2019

He is better paid than any other wrestler in WWE with $ 12 million in annual salary.

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