6 best graphic design tools for beginners

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Graphic designing tools

Many people enjoy graphic design as a hobby. Many people choose this field because they are more creative, and graphic design is becoming more popular day by day. As we all know, in this digital age, photos and videos have become an important part of our lives, so these tools are essential for both designers and people who want to edit their videos and photos.
I have listed down a few of the design tools that will be helpful for you.


6 best graphic design tools for beginners

Canva is a simple design tool that allows you to generate a wide range of visuals for your company. Canva features templates for anything from social media photos and web banners to marketing brochures, flyers, business cards, presentations, and everything in between.

Canva features a template for any marketing image you might require.
If templates aren’t your thing, you can always start from scratch. Simply go to the Canva homepage, click “Create a Design,” and select the type of image you wish to make (like an Instagram post). You may then utilize those same sidebar tools to construct your marketing image from the ground up.


Gimp is another Design Tool that allows users to edit raster images quickly & effectively. Gimp is a well-known software application that is both free and open-source for users.

You can also experiment with complex Gimp capabilities such as curves, layer masks, animation packages, and so on. It has a user interface that may be customized for a better user experience. A photo enhancement tool may greatly aid in the editing of photographs by correcting perspective distortion, among other things.

design wizard

DesignWizard is a free visual design software with a 1.2 million picture database. Users may find over 15,000 templates on DesignWizard, with freebies having access to 10,000 of them.

In addition, beginners can access selected designs to acquire ideas for creating appealing and elegant designs. DesignWizard’s free services allow you to scale designs and generate custom color palettes. You can also upload fonts, images, and logos to DesignWizard.
Similarly, this platform allows you to personalize your content by establishing a folder for your favourites. Designers can use the Font Library and a large number of images on DesignWizard.


This free and open-source tool can be used by graphic designers to alter photographs for better use. Photographers can also use this software to achieve outstanding photo editing results. The app includes 29 tools and filters for photo and makeup editing. There is also a double exposure tool for blending two photographs together.
Snapseed is another photo editing program that is regarded as one of the greatest photo editing apps.


Vectr software might be quite useful in starting your adventure in graphic design. Vectr is one of the greatest free graphic design software options for professional designers. If you are a newbie in vector design and do not want to spend money on commercial software then Vectr will be very useful for you. It is compatible with all devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Additionally, Vectr offers web-based software for designers. It provides amazing graphic design tools like pen tools, form tools, pathfinders, and many others.

adobe spark

This great graphic design software allows you to create eye-catching visuals for websites and social media in minutes. Though it is not a complete replacement for Adobe Illustrator, it may be useful for novices.
However, if you are still interested in the capabilities that Adobe Illustrator provides but do not wish to pay for its subscription, install and test one of the Adobe Illustrator alternatives that are less expensive or even free.

These are six of the best tools for getting started with graphic design and expressing your creativity. If you want to know about more tools then check out this link below

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