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Being into the photography field for years has made me realized what equipment I’ve been missing my whole career. I realized how this must-have camera equipment would have eased me during shoots and events. Not having them was a mistake for me, and I’d recommend all photographers to get their hands on this equipment, as soon as possible. It will save you from any inconvenience.

Here is the list of must-have camera equipment.

Must-Have Camera Equipment No.1 – Flash Gun

Since childhood, I’ve always hated extra flash on my pictures. I’d like to keep them simple. However, when I discovered this amazing piece of technology i.e. flashgun, I realized what I’ve been missing my whole life. This external source of flash is a must-have. Flashgun automatically calculates the focal length of the object, too knows its reach. It is a must-have for sure; as it gives a professional look to your photographs.

Must-Have Camera Equipment No.2 – Memory Card Holder

If you are a professional photographer, you must be aware of the importance of the client’s data. If data gets deleted or erased, you can be in hot water. One mistake and your reputation are ruined in the market. So why not purchase a memory card holder, to keep it away from water and shock?
It is not only a piece of professional camera equipment but people like us who love to keep memories in pixels. This equipment is a must-have for people like us too. They can hold anything you’d like to keep, either a micro SD card, SD card or CF card.

Must-Have Camera Equipment No.3 – Camera Strap

Camera strap feels like a friend when you own one. It helps you in capturing stabilized shots. It can be counted among video camera equipment too. Videographers can never deny the need of straps during shoots.
There is a wide range of camera straps. Once you get it with the kit while purchasing a camera. That is a basic one, with limited features. However, you can get a professional strap from the market or online stores. A professional strap would allow you to adjust its length with one hand. That’s more user-friendly. In case you are comfortable with an amateur strap, that’s your choice.

Must-Have Camera Equipment No.4 – Tripod

Capturing or shooting manually can be a little difficult at times. How about setting your camera on the tripod, and let tripod do its job. It will ensure a clear, professional picture by holding the camera in a steady position. Tripod also allows you to make smooth camera movements. Like if you want to pan your camera; doing it manually will result in non-professional shots. On the other hand, setting your camera in a tripod and then panning it would give you soothing movements.

Of course, it all depends on your budget. You might not be able to afford all the must-have equipment at the moment. But you can bookmark them or save them in your wish-list. Because, why not?

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