Technology development

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Modern conditions present Russia with a choice: to travel with the flow, overcoming recurring crises that directly depend upon energy prices, or to modernize the country’s economy and thus gain immunity to external factors. Technology development is one among the foremost important areas of economic modernization is that the development of commercial technologies. an enormous state that extracts and processes the lion’s share of the world’s natural resources and features a colossal potential of specialists cannot afford to stay on the sidelines within the race for the event of world technologies.

Technology development

Russia is one among the few countries within the world that has the power to hold out its own global developments within the field of technology, including the technology of EE . The developments of Soviet then Russian technologists have always had an enormous weight within the world, especially within the areas of precision material processing, magnetic flux research, application of the properties of latest materials and electrical components created on their basis. and that we can say confidently that we’ve the potential, we only need desire.

Directions for the event of engineering technology :

1. Energy efficiency of the electrical drive :

RUSELPROM was one among the primary in Russia to start out researching the energy efficiency of electrical machines, and was the primary to start out serial production of such products.

Technology development

For reference: the quantity of electricity generated within the country in 2014 amounted to about 1 trillion kWh, with quite 70% of the energy consumed within the sphere of production and services: industry, construction, housing and communal services, agriculture, transport. Most domestic enterprises are equipped with obsolete equipment produced within the 1960s and 1980s, which wasted huge amounts of energy, which puts Russia among the countries with the foremost energy-intensive GDP. the utilization of energy-efficient equipment will bring the Russia closer to achieving the goal of reducing the energy intensity of Russian GDP by 40% by 2020. A decrease within the energy component in domestic products will become a clincher in enhancing the competitiveness of Russian goods, strengthening the country’s resource base and, ultimately, within the recovery of the domestic economy from the crisis. Russia can save to a 3rd of all energy consumed within the country, which is like 360-430 million plenty of standard fuel per annum and is like the quantity of all exported oil.

2. Introduction of recent methods of fabric processing :

High-precision robotic systems used at the enterprises of RUSELPROM for processing parts of electrical machines allow achieving the very best quality of surfaces of parts, also because the accuracy of assembly of manufactured products. In turn, both indicators are fundamental for the efficiency and increase within the service lifetime of the products manufactured by the priority .

3. The utilization of the modern Technology development :

The approach of RUSELPROM specialists “to use only the simplest within the system that exists within the element base” has already proved itself quite once in such industries as nuclear, hydro and warmth power engineering. we’ve received recognition for our own control systems, modeled, manufactured and tested by our specialists for Russian stations. and thus we don’t stop at what has been achieved, we research and introduce into production more and more new products.

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