4 Traveling Mistakes to Avoid During Trip

traveling mistakes
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traveling mistakes

Traveling is not a matter of money, but courage. We all like traveling, especially me. I couldn’t sleep a day before my intra-country trip. Although it was a 6 six-day trip I packed like I was never coming back to my home town. I packed everything except the essentials. This was my first experience. Here are a few traveling mistakes that I made, and I want you to avoid it while going on a trip.

Power bank; A must Traveling Equipment

Okay, so power bank is a lifesaver. I didn’t carry it along with me and I had my phone switched off most of the time. I couldn’t capture the pictures. This was because we use to stay out of our hotels the whole day and come back at night. My phone battery used to give up in mid of the day. Then I have to run for power sockets all around the city. I believe if I had the power bank, the charging phone would have been easy for me.

Ziplock bags :

Carry extra zip lock bags, just in case you need them. Ziplock bags are very helpful to keep gadgets safe from water or rain. Not only rain, but it helps in keeping things organized. You can easily sort out things and keep them in different zip locks. When you need them, keep your hand inside the bag pack and pull out the required zip lock bag.

Extra hair ties and pins :

If you are a girl, you’d agree that we cannot keep our hair ties safely. They always get misplaced. For this purpose, do not forget to keep extra hair ties and safety pins with you.

First aid kit :

Carry a mini-hospital in your bag. Whenever you are at another place, no one would refuse you to help in case of emergencies, but you might be hesitant to take favor from someone. In that case, having a first aid kit will be a positive option for you.

traveling mistakes

Carrying an extra pair of jeans or a t-shirt is not a bad idea but overpacking can create a hassle situation. Carry light weighted and comfortable clothes that can be easily layered in the bag. Keep hand free or air pods with you in case your companion is busy or with not with you. Also, keep a nice mist to smell fresh all the time. All of them are worthy advice for not making any traveling mistakes.

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