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Italian cuisine is very popular with holidaymakers and Italians by choice.

Italian cuisine manages to develop in this way by combining raw materials in a simple way. The best art for discovering the tastiest rights in the land of boots is to look for small restaurants, trattorias, or osteria and leave modern restaurants with all the innovative and good menus.
Here we will introduce you 10 of your rights (from north to south) that you lost while learning traditional and Italian cuisine. We belong to the best Tours in different ways.

Kanederli – South Tyrol


Kanederli, also known as the “South Tyrolean Specknedels”, are used in South Tyrol, Friuli, and parts of Veneto in their own country. In fact, they are part of Cucina Povera and simple German dumplings. Used for cooking old bread with bacon or other smoked pork toppers. There are also eggs, milk, parsley, flour, and onions. When the dumplings are cooked, they are placed in ghee or vegetable broth. This property is ideal for cold winter days.
Osteria a Le Due Spade, Trento:

Where: Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi 11, 38122 Trento, Italy
Website: leduespade.com
TripAdvisor: Osteria a Le Due Spade

Ossobuco in Milanese Tour – Lombardy


Ossobuco with the classic Milanese saffron risotto is one of the most famous meat dishes in the capital of Lombardy, Milan. This iconic dish consists of a bone-cut veal drumstick purchased with bone marrow and is traditionally prepared with olive oil, wine, spices, ingredients, and rice or vegetables. The best part of this dish is sucking the creamy consistency and driving the bone marrow out of the bone.
Al Garghet Restaurant, Milan:

Where: Via Selvanesco 36, 20141 Milan, Italy
Website: algarghet.it
TripAdvisor: Al Garget

Lasagna – Emilia-Romagna

Historically, lasagna originated not in Italy, but in Ancient Greece. The name of this jurisdiction with the right of access is derived from the Greek word lagoon, which means the first known pasta. If you are visiting the region around Bologna or Emilia Romagna, you must have heard the traditional lasagna with stew, bechamel sauce, and baked Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Trattoria Da Me, Bologna:
Where: Via San Felice 50 / A, 40122 Bologna, Italy
Facebook: Trattoria Da Me
TripAdvisor: Trattoria Da Me

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