Why is Paris the city of love?

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Ask around you which city represents love in the world and you will find that Paris is frequently on the lips.
Whether you are passing through the capital, whether you are a die-hard Parisian or whether you are a foreign tourist, this city has an incredible effect on our vision of romanticism.
Its monuments, its lights, fashion, gastronomy and many more, these are just some of the reasons that make Paris the city of love.

An indisputable ranking

According to a recent ranking, 24% of singles in Europe come to plebiscite Paris as the city of romance and romantics.
The second city on the podium remains Rome for 23% of them. Moreover, even for the Romans – for 33% of them – are ready to exchange their spaghetti and their prosecco for a glass of red wine on the Parisian docks.
For the Romans, Rome remains crushed by its sacred aspect to be considered as the romantic city par excellence.

Finally, the last step of the podium goes to London for 12% of the vote. The city remains associated with football, beer and… the English.

Paris, capital of love :

In the 19th century, the romantic current spread throughout Europe and Paris was not exempt from this phenomenon.
Romantic novelists and poets with their lyrical flights appear. We think of Hugo, Lamartine, Chateaubriand and so many others.
Years later, towards the end of the century, Paris retains its romantic halo thanks to its architecture, its artistic pieces, its way of life.

To evoke Paris is to think of lovers kissing on a public bench, it is to admire the picturesque gardens, it is to discover French elegance and distinction.

Its mysterious places

The charm and romanticism of Paris are expressed first of all in its monuments, in its mysterious and so romantic places where life is good, where people like to enjoy a glass of red wine or laugh and chat with friends.


Of course, the Eiffel Tower is appealing, but other less mainstream places attract lovers from all over the world.
For example, there is the Museum of Romantic Life in the 9th arrondissement. The Pont des Arts, also called the “Bridge of Lovers, is a place where it is customary to come and make a wish with your lover and kiss.

In Montmartre, known for being one of the most romantic places in Paris, there is the “je t’aime wall” at rue des Abbesses, in Jehan-Rictus park.

Even if Robert Doisneau immortalized lovers with his famous photograph “The kiss of the Hôtel de Ville” in 1950, Paris is full of picturesque places that instantly project you into an ambient romanticism.
The Haussmannian buildings, the small cobbled streets of the Marais or Montmartre, the changing landscape at every street corner mean that there is always something to discover and to marvel at for two.

His cinema

7th art has always been interested in Paris and offers a romantic vision of the French capital.
We think, for example, of films like Amélie Poulain, French Kiss, Midnight in Paris or Paris by Cédric Klapisch which incorporate a certain image of Paris.


For Hollywood, Paris is synonymous with chic and elegance, it is the capital of fashion, art and jewelry.
Everything here seems glamor and beauty.

Its restaurants

What would Paris and its romanticism be without its thousands of small restaurants?
The attraction of its food, wine, champagne, and its terraced atmospheres make Paris a top destination for lovers.

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