Reflections of a Man Vs Why Men Marry Bitches – The truth about Gender Personalities.

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The most popular novels that had the most interesting gossips at the time of their publication in the society were Why Men Marry Bitches and Reflections of a Man. Both novels had a similar concept of enhancing your qualities for your loving partner. Let’s talk about the qualities that a women or a man needs to have for a smooth relationship.

Reflections of a Man:


Reflections of a Man by Amari Soul is a book for both men and women. An impetus to improve the quality of their personal relationships. It’s very useful and informative, especially for a man who wants to learn more about a woman’s emotional needs.

Reflections of a Man was the novel that received the most positive feedback. It was also recommended to me by my sister. So I became intrigued and decided to read it. The first thing I read was a phrase written at the back of the book. According to Mr. Amari Soul,

“When a woman stands with her back to the wind and her face to the sun, raises her head, then exhales and finally lets go, that is a powerful moment for her. So many feelings run through her body at that time. She feels happy, yet saddened; excited, yet afraid about the chapter to come. But the one thing she knows for sure is, she is finally free to find her own happiness.” Mr. Amari Soul.

The last sentence in the preceding passage struck a chord with me: “Every woman wants to discover her own happiness.” It was something with which I could identify in some way. As a result, I was eager to read more and absorb the torrent of factual and emotional information that any lady like me should be familiar with.

And for a woman who wants to learn about true love and realize her true worth and the standards she deserves, she should not settle for less.

I personally fell in love with this book, because it will not persuade you, it will not just explain the things you do not know about yourself, but it will let you engage with the book and will make you realize that YOUAREWORTHY.

With each page turn, you’ll become thirstier. Every phrase, paragraph, sentence, word, and detail would linger in your entire being as a woman. It will give you the determination to know your worth and what a good woman is capable of.


Discover how your past relationship really was in this book. It will help you see the real character of a wrong man, in a wrong relationship, and help you discern and fully comprehend them. You may think that your past affairs or your current situation are just a normal kind of relationship. However, this is not the case at all. You’ll learn about the true meaning of a good relationship in this book; however, it’s not just men who make mistakes; it could be women as well; therefore, this book will help you understand the silly mistakes you made to ruin a beautiful relationship.

I wanted to pick the best quotes or phrases from the book and paste them here, but I just couldn’t choose, because everything is beautiful. Also, I’m pretty sure that all of you are aware of it.


This book is a must-read for anybody interested in the subject. Following the study of this book, I’ve come to the conclusion that both genders need to be dominant in order for God’s creation of us to be successful.

According to the Bible, in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in His own image. In the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

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Why Men Marry Bitches

When Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov is portrayed over a woman of how to convince a man for a committed relationship rather than a casual one.

She believes that women needs to have self-respect, and explains the concept of not being extra-ordinary sweet with men and that to be independent in one of her quote she said,

He marries the women who won’t lay down like linoleum.

According to Sherry a women shouldn’t compromise in a relationship, need to be strong to stand up for herself. For instance if you begin working to be what he wants it will lessens his respect. To explain these words Sherry has mentioned about a male rulebook in her novel.

Relationship Principle#9

Every guy knows he can find a girl who is simply satisfied with satisfying him. They are much more turned on by a women who cares about her own pleasure as well.

the above quote is that a man wants a women who understands him and with whom he can have a emotional connection. Most of the men want a women wants in relationship but men doesn’t admit cause he doesn’t want the women to know that he respects and care for her.

One of the key for a relationship is to know how much a man respects a woman opinion.

I’m just going to wind this here as this book has a lot to say and explain which will make this blog a guide book so if you find this book interesting so grab the book.

Which One is Better?

In my suggestion refection of a Man is a better novel than Why Man Marry Bitches as the concept of reflection of a man is more realistic . Tell me about your choice.

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